New concept Superdrug opens in Cardiff

July 2014

A new look concept for Superdrug has been completed by Bespoke Drywall in Cardiff on time and to budget for Project Solutions.

Our introduction to this project was to install a prototype under strict secrecy at Project Solutions head office in Dudley in January of this year.  Following numerous revisions the design finally commenced in St David’s SC in Cardiff in April.

Featuring full height wall linings and a CEP Cleancare 1200mm x 600mm ceiling to the main shop the predominant feature is the eye-catching central MF ceiling which is more lights than ceiling!  The circular lights, which range in diameters from 600 mm to 1200 mm, and cost up to £1,000 each are arranged in a random, overlapping pattern which made the construction of the ceiling extremely difficult.

Using boxed C studs, I studs and a lot of innovation we created the monolithic structure which dominates the store, by first spray painting it onto the floor until we could get everything to tie in then, using lasers, we spotted it up to the structural soffit.

Package: MF ceiling, grid, partitions,hoarding
Programme: 6 weeks
Value: £60,000

Client: Superdrug Beauty
Main contractor: Project Solutions Ltd