MF Ceilings

Metal framed (MF) or solid ceilings (as they are sometimes known), are more versatile and offer more diverse design opportunities than modular ceilings.

Drywall Beauty StudioDesigners can use the benefit of elevation to express themselves to the full, particularly when the design works in conjunction with lighting, utilising troughs, upstands and curves to full effect.  From linear coffers to barrelled vaults; light troughs to multi-tiered and curved features, MF ceilings allow a level of creativity unmatched by any other ceiling medium.

Using standardised metal framing components and plasterboards in conjunction with feature beads and enthusiasm, Bespoke Drywall can create unique, edifying features. We can also assist in designing ceilings and our positive view is; your imagination combined with our innovation delivers the installation!

Suspended Ceilings

Bespoke Drywall installs exposed and concealed grid, including spring tee and ‘metal-pan’ fire-rated ceilings from all the major manufacturers including Armstrong, SAS, CEP and Hunter Douglas amongst others.

Drywall at WaterstonesBeing modular, grid ceilings can’t offer the same ‘in-situ’ versatility of an MF ceiling but, because it is a manufactured product, can deliver exquisite aesthetic continuity combined with a very high degree of functionality, performance and accessibility, particularly the high specification metal ceilings available from some of the specialist manufacturers.

Whether generic suspended ceilings with mineral tiles to a ‘back of house’, wipe clean vinyl faced tiles to a kitchen or high quality systems to a retail floor space we can install them all.

Drywall Installation

The range of partitions and linings installed by Bespoke Drywall is diverse and varied. Bespoke has a detailed knowledge for installing individual proprietary partition systems that allow the client or building owner to obtain the benefit of optimum performance.

Drywall at LacosteThe wide range of specialist partitions and linings now available to an architect, designer and specifier can be quite daunting.  Our experience means we can offer solutions for all scenarios including acoustic, fire and thermal performance and also combinations of all of them if necessary.

We also calculate the requirements dictated by varying heights using the correct sized and profiled stud at the relevant centres with the required layers of necessary thickness board providing the correct combination to ensure compliance, performance and safety.


Every year Bespoke installs fire-rated hoardings to various heights and specifications, predominantly in shopping centres. Invariably installed at night, and often on a Sunday night, we utilise our small fleet of long-wheelbase, hi-top, fully liveried vans to assist with the logistics of supplying materials to site out of hours because the shopping centres won’t allow storage of materials in their loading bays or service yards.

Installing drywall and hordings

Drywall Installation and Hoardings

Installing over the space of one night we construct the hoarding (usually independent of Mall finishes), including taping and jointing ready for decoration on the Mall elevation and taped for fire-rating on the shop elevation. Using plywood to the mall floor ensures no damage to the existing floor finishes.

We have installed hoardings in all of the well known shopping centres in the UK and have a good understanding of applying for our own ‘permits to work’ and working closely with a centre’s facilities manager to ensure everything goes smoothly, including signing in, accepting and signing for keys and liaising with security.

Hoarding installation is often a centre’s first experience of the principal contractor’s working practices and can help set the tone for the duration of the job.  We are aware of this so ensure the work area is left clean and tidy, and complies with all necessary centre regulations as we load and work.